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Guest Blog: k8s tunnels with Kudelski Security

Guest Blog: k8s tunnels with Kudelski Security
Guest Blog: k8s tunnels with Kudelski Security

Today, we’re excited to publish a blog post written by our friends at Kudelski Security, a managed security services provider. A few weeks back, Romain Aviolat, the Principal Cloud and Security Engineer at Kudelski Security approached our Zero Trust team with a unique solution to a difficult problem that was powered by Cloudflare’s Identity-aware Proxy, which we call Cloudflare Tunnel, to ensure secure application access in remote working environments.

We enjoyed learning about their solution so much that we wanted to amplify their story. In particular, we appreciated how Kudelski Security’s engineers took full advantage of the flexibility and scalability of our technology to automate workflows for their end users. If you’re interested in learning more about Kudelski Security, check out their work below or their research blog.

Zero Trust Access to Kubernetes

Over the past few years, Kudelski Security’s engineering team has prioritized migrating our infrastructure to multi-cloud environments. Our internal cloud migration mirrors what our end clients are pursuing and has equipped us with expertise and tooling to enhance our services for them. Moreover, this transition has provided us an opportunity to reimagine our own security approach and embrace the best practices of Zero Trust.

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