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G7 Leaders: Protect Strong Encryption for a Secure World

Encryption protects us every day. It helps secure web browsing, online banking, and critical public services like electricity, elections, hospitals, transportation, and more.

If the G7 countries are truly committed to building a safer and equal world, then it is crucial to recognize the important role that end-to-end encryption plays in securing the Internet, their economies and their citizens.

The Internet Society and more than 30 organizations have signed an open letter calling on the G7 leaders to do just that – prioritize digital security – and not to require, coerce, or persuade device manufacturers, application, and service providers to:

  • modify their products or services or delay patching a bug or security vulnerability to provide exceptional access to encrypted content;
  • turn off “encryption-on-by-default”;
  • cease offering end-to-end encrypted services; or
  • otherwise undermine the security of encrypted services.

Digital security is the foundation of our connected economies and societies. And digital security is underpinned by strong encryption! It ensures that data – whether that of law enforcement, banks, or everyday citizens – can only be accessed by its intended recipient. Any attempt to insert “exceptional” or “lawful” access to encrypted content provides a way for others, including criminals, to gain access. This weakens Continue reading