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Introducing VMware Transit Connect for networking and security on VMware Cloud on AWS

As you migrate and expand your deployments on VMware Cloud on AWS, your network connectivity provides the foundational infrastructure for all workloads in your SDDCs. When you then scale across multiple SDDCs — which also need to network with several data centers and tens or even hundreds of VPCs — scaling network connectivity becomes a critical challenge.  

In this context, we’re excited to announce a number of new networking and security capabilities on VMware Cloud on AWS. 

  • SDDC Groups – a way to organize SDDCs together for ease of management
  • VMware Transit Connect –high bandwidth, resilient connectivity for SDDCs in an SDDC Group
  • Multi-Edge SDDCs – the ability to add network capacity for north-south traffic to the SDDC

Together, these new features enable seamless connectivity to your SDDCs from on-prem data centers and AWS VPCs while unlocking the capacity you need to efficiently drive your workloads in the cloud. 

Let’s take a closer look at each one. 

SDDC Groups 

SDDC Groups enable customers to manage multiple SDDCs as a single logical entity. This simplifies operations while maintaining the flexibility that customers rely on. SDDCs in a Group can be interconnected with VMware Transit Connect, and Continue reading