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MikroTik CHR – Breaking the 100G barrier


The world is strange today. Despite the Covid-19 crisis all over the world, most ISPs are fighting a battle to deliver more bandwidth on a daily basis.

  • Work from home
  • Online schools
  • increasing content consumption

All pushed ISPs to their bandwidth limits, leaving ISP’s no option but to look for upgrades, for everlasting bandwidth demands. There, they are having another set of problems, facing them in this completely new and strange world. Chip shortage, logistic and labor health issues caused higher prices and no stock availability. Here in IP ArchiTechs, we are spending lot of our time finding a good solution for our customers and to help them overcome these hard times. Whether that is our regular Team meeting or just a chat with our colleagues in almost any occasion someone mentions something about new solution to improve capacity and performance for our customers.

Starting with a thought, what is available as a platform today, and of course it’s ready to be shipped immediately after you checkout and pay one thing obviously was just in front of me. X86 server, dozens of them. They are left from the time when we were buying new hardware just because new generation Continue reading