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How Observability Helps Troubleshoot Incidents Faster

It all starts with the dreaded alert. Something went awry, and it needs to be fixed ASAP. Whether it’s the middle of the night and you’re the on-call responder, or it’s the middle of the afternoon, and your whole team is working together to ship a bundle of diffs, having an incident happen is extremely disruptive to your business — and often very expensive, making every minute count. So how can observability (o11y for short) help teams save precious time and resolve incidents faster? First, let’s explore the changing landscape from monitoring to observability. Debugging Using Traditional Monitoring Tools Savannah Morgan Savannah is senior technical customer success manager at Honeycomb. She is passionate about helping users find creative solutions for complex problems. When she is off the clock, Savannah can be found at the park with her family, binge-watching Netflix or spoiling her big pup, Bruce. The key to resolving an incident quickly is to rapidly understand why things went wrong, where in your code it’s happening, and most of all, who it affects and how to fix it. Most of us learned to debug using static dashboards powered by metrics-based monitoring tools like Prometheus or Datadog, plus a whole Continue reading