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Securing cloud workloads in 5 easy steps

As organizations transition from monolithic services in traditional data centers to microservices architecture in a public cloud, security becomes a bottleneck and causes delays in achieving business goals. Traditional security paradigms based on perimeter-driven firewalls do not scale for communication between workloads within the cluster and 3rd-party APIs outside the cluster. The traditional paradigm also does not provide granular access controls to the workloads and zero-trust architecture, leaving cloud-native applications with a larger attack surface.

Calico Cloud offers an easy 5-step process for fast-tracking your organization’s cloud-native application journey by making security a business enabler while mitigating risk.

Step 1: Visibility

Gaining visibility into workload-to-workload communication with all metadata context intact is one of the biggest challenges when it comes to deploying microservices. You can’t apply security controls to what you can’t see. The traffic is not just flowing from a client to a server in this new cloud native distributed architecture but also between namespaces that reside between many nodes, causing flow proliferation. With Calico Cloud, you get a dynamic visualization of all traffic flowing through your network in an easy-to-read UI.

Example 1: You can view all the inside and outside (east-west and north-south) connections directly from Calico’s Continue reading