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Announcing a New Open Source Service Mesh Interoperation Collaboration

Service mesh is fast becoming such a vital part of the infrastructure underlying microservices and traditional applications alike that every industry player must have an offering in the space. Because a variety of differentiated service meshes and service mesh services are emerging, it has become clear that interoperability between them will be critical for customers seeking to interconnect a wide variety of workloads.

With that in mind, we are excited to share that VMware has partnered with Google Cloud, HashiCorp, and Pivotal on an open source project for service mesh interoperability. This initiative will facilitate federation of service discovery between different service meshes of potentially different vendors. Through an API, service meshes can be interconnected to deliver the associated benefits of observability, control, and security across different organizational unit boundaries, and potentially across different products and vendors. The project will soon be opened to the community, and anyone interested in contributing to this effort can do so on GitHub.

Partnering With Industry Leaders on Service Mesh Interoperation

Enterprises increasingly rely on APIs to coordinate business functions that span departmental, organization or vendor boundaries. This implies reliability, operability, security and access constraints on these API calls to ensure business Continue reading