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Serverless Progressive Web Apps using React with Cloudflare Workers

Let me tell you the story of how I learned that you can build Progressive Web Apps on Cloudflare’s network around the globe with one JavaScript bundle that runs both in the browser and on Cloudflare Workers with no modification and no separate bundling for client and server. And when registered as a Service Worker, the same JavaScript bundle will turn your page into a Progressive Web App that doesn’t even make network requests. Here's how that works...

"Any resemblance to actual startups, living or IPO'd, is purely coincidental and unintended" - @sevki

A (possibly apocryphal) Story

I recently met up with some old friends in London who told me they were starting a new business. They did what every coder would do... they quickly hacked something together, bought a domain, and registered the GitHub org and thus Buzzwords was born.

The idea was simple: you could feed the name of your application into a machine learning model and it would generate the configuration files for your deployment for various container orchestrators. They achieved this by going through millions of deployment configurations and training a linear regression model by gamifying quantum computing because blockchain, or something (I told you this Continue reading