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The truth about Black Friday and Cyber Monday

The truth about Black Friday and Cyber Monday

At Cloudflare we handle a lot of traffic on behalf of our customers. Something we all see and hear a lot about at this time of year are Black Friday (23 November this year) and Cyber Monday (26 November) - but just how important are these days on the Internet?

The truth about Black Friday and Cyber Monday
Black Friday by Per-Olof Forsberg, license: CC BY 2.0

To try and answer this question, we took a look at anonymised samples of HTTP requests crossing our network. First of all, let’s look at total page views from across our global network from the last few weeks and see if we can spot Black Friday and Cyber Monday:

The truth about Black Friday and Cyber Monday
All page views

So this is total page views by day (UTC) from November 19 (a week before Cyber Monday) until Monday December 3. Other than follow-the-sun fluctuations in a repeating daily pattern, each whole day is pretty similar in shape and size compared to the last. Black Friday and Cyber Monday aren’t visible in overall traffic patterns.

Get specific

We have a very diverse set of customers across 12 million domain names and not all of them are selling products or doing so directly online. To identify those websites Continue reading

We have lift off – Rocket Loader GA is mobile!

We have lift off - Rocket Loader GA is mobile!

Today we’re excited to announce the official GA of Rocket Loader, our JavaScript optimisation feature that will prioritise getting your content in front of your visitors faster than ever before with improved Mobile device support. In tests on we saw reduction of 45% (almost 1 second) in First Contentful Paint times on our pages for visitors.

We have lift off - Rocket Loader GA is mobile!
Photo by SpaceX / Unsplash

We initially launched Rocket Loader as a beta in June 2011, to asynchronously load a website’s JavaScript to dramatically improve the page load time. Since then, hundreds of thousands of our customers have benefited from a one-click option to boost the speed of your content.

With this release, we’ve vastly improved and streamlined Rocket Loader so that it works in conjunction with mobile & desktop browsers to prioritise what matters most when loading a webpage: your content.

Visitors don’t wait for page “load”

To put it very simplistically - load time is a measure of when the browser has finished loading the document (HTML) and all assets referenced by that document.

When you clicked to visit this blog post, did you wait for the spinning wheel on your browser tab to start reading this content? You Continue reading