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Netlify CEO on Why Netlify Edge Functions Was Built on Deno

The web development platform Matt Biilmann. In an interview with The New Stack, he described how looking to the future inspired the vision for the company’s latest product. “As we’re building out our edge network and as we start seeing this category mature, with people building more complex projects in a variety of industries, I believed we’d see a new layer emerge where developers could easily write code that would run on the edge. In the beginning, we weren’t sure what that layer would look like or what it would do. We spent a lot of time investigating WebAssembly as the runtime mechanism but ultimately decided against it. In 2020, we moved our efforts from WASM to our own JavaScript-based edge runtime.” “The standard JS runtimes like Node.js aren’t really built to be run in a totally multitenant environment or unique process isolation, so we had to start building our own.” Matt Biilmann, Netlify CEO A year ago, Netlify’s first version of Edge Functions (named Edge Handlers at the Continue reading