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How we test Docker Desktop with WSL 2

Recently we have released a new Edge version of Docker Desktop for Windows. This can be considered as a release candidate for the next Stable version that will officially support WSL 2. With Windows 10 version 2004 in sight we are giving the next version of Docker Desktop the final touches to give you the best experience running Linux containers on Windows 10.

One of the great benefits is that with the next update of Windows 10 we will also support running Docker Desktop on Windows 10 Home. We worked closely with Microsoft during the last few months to make Docker Desktop and WSL 2 fit together.

In this blog post we look behind the scenes at how we set up new WSL 2 capable test machines to run automated tests in our CI pipeline.

It started with a laptop

Let’s keep in mind that all automation somehow starts with manual steps and you evolve from there to get better and more automated. At the beginning of this project we were given a laptop back at KubeCon 2019 with an early version of WSL 2.

With that single laptop our development team could start getting their Continue reading