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Edge-Side-Includes with Cloudflare Workers

Edge-Side-Includes with Cloudflare Workers

At Cloudflare we’re accelerating web assets in a number of different ways. Part of this is caching, by storing the response given by the origin server directly within our 151+ global data centers. This will dramatically improve the delivery of the resources as the visitor will directly get them from the data center closest to them, instead of waiting for us to fetch the request from the origin web server.

The issue with dynamic (but not a lot) pages

The subject we’re gonna cover today is the concept of Edge-Side-Includes. And what’s better than a real use-case to introduce what it is used for? Let’s take a website where all pages are including advertisements at the head and bottom. Could we consider these pages static? We couldn’t as at least part of this page is dynamic. Could we consider caching it? That’s a no again as it would mean the first dynamic part rendered will be cached and served for the other visitors trying to get the page. It would be a catastrophe if the advertisements are user-specific.

So the issue here is that we can’t cache the page. That’s quite a shame as it means that we’ll fetch Continue reading

1 year and 3 months working at Cloudflare: How is it going so far?

1 year and 3 months working at Cloudflare: How is it going so far?

This post is inspired by a very good blog post from one of my colleague in the US, which I really appreciated as I was a newcomer to the company. It was great to see what it is like working for Cloudflare after one year and to learn from the lessons she had learnt.

I'll try to do the same in three parts. Beginning with how my on-boarding went, my first customer experiences and finally what is my day-to-day life at Cloudflare. These writings only reflect my personal feelings and thoughts. The experience is different for each and every newcomer to Cloudflare.

Chapter 1 - On-boarding, being impressed and filling the (big) knowledge gaps.

Before I joined Cloudflare, I was working as a Security Consultant in Paris, France. I never had the opportunity to move abroad to speak English (me.englishLevel = 0), I never had any reason to live outside of France and was at the same time looking for another Job. Perfect then!

When I saw the job posting, I immediately applied as I knew the company well, the mindset and the products Cloudflare provided. It took me 6 months to get the offer probably because Continue reading