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Docker Registry API to be standardized in OCI

We are excited to announce that the Docker Registry HTTP API V2 specification will be adopted in the Open Container Initiative (OCI), the organization under the Linux Foundation that provides the standards that fuel the containerization industry. The Docker team is proud to see another aspect of our technology stack become a de-facto standard. As we’ve done with our image format, we are happy to formally share and collaborate with the container ecosystem as part of the OCI community. Our distribution protocol is the underpinning of all container registries on the market and is so robust that it is leveraged over a billion times every two weeks as container content is distributed across the globe.

What does this protocol do?

Putting the protocol into perspective, part of the core functionality of Docker is the ability to push and pull images. From the first “Hello, World” moment, this concept is introduced to every user and is a large part of the Docker experience. While we normally sit back in our armchairs and marvel at this magical occurence, the amount of design and consideration that has gone into that simple capability can easily be overlooked.

When Docker was first released, the team Continue reading