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My first week working at Cumulus Networks: Beyond A First Impression

Working at Cumulus Networks – it’s probably the most fun I’ve had at a job in a really long time.

The narrow stairway at 463 (and a half) Bryant Street was my first impression of working at Cumulus Networks. Victoria opened the door, and I said, “Wow, this door is tiny and those stairs- what is this, a speakeasy?” I got the sly, dry smile that I have come to see as indicative of Victoria and was escorted inside to the conference room of what looked like an empty apartment turned into an office. There, I met Kathleen and we chatted for half an hour. It was one of the most informal, comfortable, genuine experiences I’d ever had in a job search.

“Do you think you can commit to working at Cumulus Networks a few months, understanding it’s sort of up in the air right now, the future of this office, etc.?”

“Yeah, I think so. I mean, unless I become like, a famous author over night, or something. Which probably isn’t going to happen.”

Victoria glanced at my resume. “It says here that you published a book.”

“Two, actually. But you know… that’s how I Continue reading