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How Pensando Redefines Networking with P4 DSC (SmartNIC) – Rolf Schaerer, Systems Engineer @ Pensando Systems

In this episode Rick and Melchior invited Rolf Schaerer from Pensando Systems and ask him all how Pensando redefines the Netwok Server Edge.

“A New Way of Thinking About Next-Gen Cloud Architectures” leveraging a custom, programmable P4 processor Pensanso refers to as Capri. Capri is optimized to execute a software stack delivering cloud, compute, network, storage, and security services at cloud scale. Capri is easily installed in any standard server via the Pensando Distributed Services Card (DSC). The DSC provides software-defined services at the server edge, eliminating an assortment of discrete appliances throughout the data center and simplifying IT operations.

Service Mapping with BGP Classful Transport – Kaliraj Vairavakkalai, Principal Engineer @ Juniper Networks

In this episode Kaliraj will explain to us what BGP Classful Transport (BGP-CT) is and how it works. BGP-CT is a mechanism, referred to as “service mapping”, to express association of overlay routes with underlay routes satisfying a certain SLA, using BGP.  It is a framework for classifying underlay routes into transport classes, and mapping service routes to specific transport class.
The “Transport class” construct maps to a desired SLA, and can be used to realize the “Topology Slice” in 5G Network slicing architecture.

BGP-CT is still work in progress in IETF. The draft can be found here:
The authors welcome feedback and input for the draft.

Better Together: Apstra & Juniper – Jeff Tantsura, Head of Networking Strategy @ Apstra

Hear from Jeff Tantsura what Apstra is and why they are joining forces with Juniper. Jeff is an industry veteran who is also very active in IETF and other standards bodies. In this episode we discuss EVPN, BGP, IP fabric, Intend Based Networking, fabric orchestration and RIFT is also mentioned.

The links mentioned in this episode:

What Does A Good Network Design Look Like? – James Bensley, Senior Network Design Engineer

Is a good network design just about technical specifications or should you take into account business drivers and needs? James is a network design veteran and presented on this topic at UKNOF45. We talk about design considerations, tips and tricks, drivers and motivations, asking the question behind the question and even about a book that is ‘in the works’. James is very active on Twitter, LinkedIn and can be reached via [email protected].

Doing Good for the Internet – Alex Band, Director @ NLnet Labs

NLnet Labs is a not-for-profit foundation with a long heritage in research and development, Internet architecture and governance, as well as stability and security in the area of DNS and inter-domain routing.

In this episode you will hear all about doing good for the internet with open source, DNS and RPKI.

In this episode you will hear all about doing good for the internet with open source, DNS and RPKI.