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Safer Internet Day 2019: Malaysia Gears Up for Cyber Wellness

Safer Internet Day is celebrated in over 100 countries each year to promote a more secure Internet. It nurtures and increases public awareness on cyber security, especially to young people across the globe, so that they become more responsible when using technology and digital gadgets. In Malaysia this year, this event was observed over one month, beginning 5 February.

The Malaysian Safer Internet Day campaign was officiated by Eddin Syazee Shith, Deputy Minister of Communication and Multimedia in Putrajaya, Malaysia. It focused on “Cyber Wellness,” with the objective to promote wellness in the digital world through healthy mental well-being and ethical social values.

The Internet Society Malaysia Chapter was a strategic partner in Safer Internet Day 2019. Together with the Ministry of Communications and Multimedia, CyberSecurity Malaysia and other stakeholders from the industry, regulators, and society, various programs were organized to promote cyber wellness, a safer Internet, and nurturing and increasing public awareness on cyber security.

The theme cyber wellness was chosen as young people today have greater access to the Internet and communication devices. Living in an “on demand” interactive digital culture where social media has become an influential platform to their social lives, youth can be exposed to Continue reading