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Plexxi and Arrow Electronics Announce Distribution Agreement

To read the CRN Exclusive article on this announcement, please go here.

At Plexxi, we believe every network will be re-architected, not just upgraded to meet the needs of the changing IT application landscape. Seizing this opportunity requires more than great technology, you need strategic partners aligned and committed to this vision. Our partnership with Arrow Electronics

provides a game changing opportunity for Plexxi to deliver value to our partners and customers as we scale our business.

We’re pleased to announce today an exclusive distribution agreement with Arrow Electronics. Under this agreement, Arrow’s Enterprise Computing Business will become the sole distributor of our next-generation networking products and solutions for scale-out applications, agile datacenters and distributed cloud environments.

We are excited to have Arrow distribute Plexxi products and services to help accelerate the growth of our channel in the United States and Canada. This agreement opens the door to the next great era of IT for businesses to leverage and gain significant efficiencies and market growth.

Arrow is the perfect partner for this agreement. Aside from being one of the largest and most efficient distributors in the industry, the company prides itself on being forward thinking and innovative.

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Plexxi Named A CRN 2015 Emerging Vendor

This week, Plexxi has been named to CRN’s 2015 Emerging Vendors List. The annual list features up-and-coming technology vendors that have introduced innovative new products that generate opportunities for their channel partners to create high-margin, cutting-edge solutions for their customers. This year’s vendors recognized have demonstrated a commitment to developing new technologies to satisfy the shifting IT market and to meet growing industry demands.

Plexxi partners like CloudGov Technologies have been a huge part of the company’s growth and success. Why? Because we have a simple formula: great products, aimed at a game changing opportunity brought to market by partners that are looking to carve a new path in the market.

In addition to today’s Emerging Vendors list, CRN reporter Mark Haranas recently included Plexxi in his list of the “The 10 Coolest Networking Startups Of 2015” on the heels of the launch of our new network switch series. Our CEO, Rich Napolitano spoke exclusively with Haranas just last week about the new Switch 2 Series and his predictions for the next era of IT.

“We are entering the next great era of IT which will transform the datacenter as we know it. We envision an entirely Continue reading

An industry in transition

The tendency of most companies is to talk strategy and vision. Almost every technology company can paint a future that is somehow more elegant based on their product’s fit into customer plans. And, as a sales leader, if you find a company whose vision you find compelling enough to inspire you to share it with customers, you’re probably feeling pretty good about things.

But sales is ultimately measured on wins and losses. And there is no taking solace in a grand vision if you cannot meaningful and immediately make a difference in a customer’s life. So as much as sales is about demonstrating a better future, there is no substitute for solving immediate pain.

This means that the ideal landing spot for anyone in a sales role is a company that thinks big but is committed to enabling the game changing vision for today’s customer problem set.You want to be a part of an organization that wants to do nothing short of changing the world, but who has the focus to do it in ways that provide immediate tangible benefit.

I am certain I have found that in Plexxi.

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