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So what if the tables wobble a little?

When I first met Cumulus, they were working out of a borderline-sketchy kind of warehouse space they had outgrown long before I showed up.

My job was to “make things better.” Initially, this had a lot to do with boxes and taking out garbage. I threw out a pile of flattened boxes about three feet high early on. The boxes had been stacked and tossed and shoved into a massive pile that consumed the small loft that hovered over the space. These people have no idea how dangerously close they came to becoming an episode of Hoarders.

Despite the mess, they are very good people. I’d been there only a short time when, one day, the bottom fell out of a box of stuff I was moving. Instantly I was surrounded by people who had everything picked up before I’d even registered what happened. One of them was on the phone the entire time and never missed a beat, I think he even made a sale. They were halfway back to their desks before I managed to say “thank you.”

I am not an engineer, but I am married to one, which is almost the same thing. (That Continue reading