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Re-Imagining the Network for the Cloud Native Era

Vijoy Pandey Vijoy Pandey is the VP and CTO of Cloud at Cisco, having joined Cisco in August 2018. Vijoy was previously at Google where he has held various leadership roles in the architecture, engineering and operations of Google's global data center networking footprint, Cloud networking, and their two global WAN networks. He also led the development of software and systems for intent-driven zero-touch automation, diagnostic telemetry, data analytics and ML/AI and application-level awareness in the infrastructure. Prior to Google, Vijoy served in numerous CTO capacities including CTO of Networking at IBM Cloud and at IBM Systems and Software Group; CTO of Blade Network Technologies, and has led global engineering teams at Blade Network Technologies, Nortel and Alteon. Vijoy has led the industry’s automation and data analytics efforts for cloud-scale networks, and was instrumental in delivering many industry firsts — including the first intent-driven e2e automation framework at cloud scale, the first Open Source SDN controller; the first VM-aware switch, and the first low-latency HFT/HPC switch. He has a Ph.D. in Computer Science, and holds over 60 patents in distributed systems and networking. In the last few years, we have seen application architectures evolve dramatically and become cloud native. Continue reading