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Starlink and Couchbase — Accelerating Innovation to the Stars

If data is the lifeblood of enterprise applications, networks are the arteries. Wayne Carter Wayne is vice president of engineering at Couchbase. Before Couchbase, Wayne spent seven years at Oracle as the architect responsible for driving mobile innovation within the CRM and SaaS product lines. He has 10 patents and patents pending from his work there. Networks are so vital because they enable business, human and mission-critical processes by connecting organizations with customers, employees and partners, increasing efficiency, powering automation, driving engagement and accelerating productivity. Networks are the glue that knit modern applications together. But apps can only be as available and fast as the network that underpins them. Achieving high levels of reliability and speed are keys to success. Network disruptions and slowness are a daily reality that lead to downtime with Starlink. Dancing with the Stars Continue reading