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Developing Enterprise Software with Scalability Top of Mind

Yasser Ganjisaffar Yasser Ganjisaffar is the VP of Engineering at Forward Networks, overseeing all the company’s engineering efforts. He joined Forward Networks in 2014 as an early employee and led the team that scaled the computation core of Forward Enterprise product by 1000x in five years. Prior to that, he built large-scale search infrastructures in Facebook and Microsoft. He holds a Computer Science Ph.D. in the information retrieval domain. Developing enterprise software is far from simple. Designing a platform to serve hundreds of thousands of users, devices, or data streams (sometimes all at once) is a Herculean task. But that doesn’t mean that it’s impossible to approach the design methodology in a way that encourages scalability in the future. Scalability is one of the most important considerations in making a new software solution. Without it, the software cannot support user growth without crippling the user experience, and similarly inhibiting sales. Making a scalable software platform is challenging simply because it’s near impossible to know what factors, options and problems the vendor needs to take into consideration beforehand, requiring companies to instead iterate along the way. That was the issue