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Instructor Spotlight: Keith Bogart

Keith Bogart is one of INE’s most esteemed and experienced instructors. Keith has been with INE for 4 years designing and instructing videos and bootcamps, as well as hosting live web-series, designing workbooks, and contributing to our IEOC Forum and INE Blog. Keith has a CCNA in Routing and Switching, CCIE in Dial-ISP, CWNA and is currently working towards his CCNA Security certification.

Before he was with INE, Keith worked as a service representative, technical assistance engineer and network consulting engineer at Cisco Systems. After 17 years at Cisco and a short time with a small start-up, Keith brought his talents to INE and became our #1 CCNA Routing & Switching instructor.

So what has Keith been up to?

On a typical day you can find Keith in our North Carolina office working on his latest project – a new CCNA Security Bootcamp. This bootcamp is still in its early stages of design, however, according to Keith, it’s shaping up to be a 5-day Bootcamp that will be offered online at least twice in the first half of 2019.

Check Out Our Newest VMware Course: VMware NSX 6.4 Network Design

This course is taught by Atindra Chaturvedi and is 6 hours and 38 minutes long. You view the video on our streaming site, or purchase it at

The VMware NSX 6.4 product release expands the capabilities of VMware in the Software Defined Data Center (SDDC) domain. This will be primarily a whiteboard discussion based course with some labs to set the context for the design discussion. Design aspects, limitations and good practice for the overlay network provided by NSX 6.4 will be covered. The latest advances in the data center network provided by Cisco with BGP EVPN and other technologies will be covered from the design perspective as an underlay for the NSX virtualized network. The course is geared to networking and virtualization professionals proficient at a CCNA or CCNP level of experience and knowledge.

We’ve Added a New AWS Course to Our Video Library!

interested in Amazon Services but not sure where to start? Check out our Newest AWS course, The AWS Ecosystem: AWS Overview Course. This video includes over 7 hours of introductory content from Geoff Douglas, an AWS Certified Architect, Developer and SysOps Admin and his brother Peter Douglas, an AWS Certified Architect with over 20 years of experience.

This is the perfect starter course for anyone that wants to learn more about Amazon and have a basic understanding of the many different services offered through AWS. This course covers all of the main areas of the Amazon platform including: security and compliance, networking, storage, computing, how to go server-less, developer tools, internet of things and automation. Each module will be discussed in-depth and real-world examples will be presented to bring things into perspective. At the end of this course, students will have a complete picture of the AWS ecosystem.

Check Out Our New Certified Information System Auditor Course

This 6 hour course is designed for those that are preparing for the CISA exam. Expert instructor, Etienne Poeder, explains what to expect from this course, as well as who the course is designed for below:

The amount of effort required to ace this exam will depend on both your relevant knowledge and experience. Mere knowledge is insufficient for passing the exam because the exam doesn’t just test your familiarity with exam topics, but also your ability to actually apply your skills and education. An accounting/non-IS auditing background prior to this exam will likely work, but it is going to be more challenging with regard to your technical IT knowledge. As for the more techie professional, you will probably already understand the security and technology basics, but still need to show whether you understand the do’s and don’ts within auditing and related area’s in different types of organizations and architectures.

Whether you are an auditor or security professional, you can benefit from this course. I have done my best making sure we hit the ground running with the preparation for your exam. If you lack both the auditing as well as the technical knowledge/experience, this course will still benefit you, but it will be more challenging. You will need to prepare properly for the CISA exam to ace it. Of course, I will give you exam tips along the way and practical examples within the IT Audit security job practice to make studying a less bitter pill to swallow.

I will cover all 5 domains, which will summarize the most current information from the revised book according to the 2016 CISA Job Practice. This book is the most comprehensive peer-reviewed IS Audit, assurance, security and control resource available worldwide.

I have added assessment questions so you can test your knowledge and become more familiarized with the question types, structures and topics featured in the CISA exam. I have made a fine representative selection of questions, extracted from a 1,000 multiple-choice study exam that has previously appeared in the CISA Review Questions, Answers and Explained manual 2015 and the CISA Review Questions, Answers & Explanations Manual 2015 Supplement, both current and in accordance with the newly revised 2016 Job Practice.

So you want to be a professional auditor?

Go get your proper assistance for the CISA exam today!

Help Us Celebrate 15 Years of Success as the Leader in IT Training!

Did you know it’s our birthday? 15 years ago, INE officially opened its doors and became your #1 trusted training partner. However, we didn’t experience overnight success, we’ve worked hard to earn our place in the IT training community. Take a quick look at how we’ve grown over the years.

We’re so grateful for all of our loyal customers, we certainly wouldn’t be where we are today without your feedback and support. Help us celebrate by telling us how INE has helped you succeed here, and receive a gift card for a free t-shirt!

Understanding the EIGRP command, “metric rib-scale”


You may recall that, when using Named-Mode EIGRP configuration you have automatic access to EIGRP Wide Metrics.  In addition to providing you a new K-Value (K6 which is used against Jitter and Energy) the EIGRP Distance formula has been revised (what they call, “scaled”) to account for links above-and-beyond 10Mbps.  Remember that with Classic-Mode EIGRP, the formula looked like this:

metric = ([K1 * bandwidth + (K2 * bandwidth) / (256 - load) + K3 * delay] * [K5 / (reliability + K4)]) * 256

In the formula, the “**bandwidth**” value was represented as:

BW = 10^7 / minimum BW


The problem with this “classic” method was that any link with a bandwidth higher than 10,000,000 bps (which only equates to 10Mbps, or 10^7 bps) was given the same BW value as an Ethernet segment.  In other words, whether you put Ethernet into that formula,  FastEthernet, Gigabit Ethernet, or anything even higher…they all equate to “1″. So in Classic Mode EIGRP, EIGRP couldn’t distinguish between these types of links to develop an accurate path to a destination.

When EIGRP Wide-Metrics were developed, Cisco “scaled” some portions of the formula to account for faster links (as Continue reading

Announcing 2019 Bootcamp Locations!

East Coast, West Coast or International, we have a Bootcamp in a city near you! Check out our 2019 Bootcamp locations below, including a brand-new location; Salt Lake City, Utah.

Don’t see a city that works for you? We now offer online-live Bootcamp options as well. Check out our Bootcamps Site or contact a training advisor for more information.

Contact Us:

[email protected], +1 877-224-8987, +1 775-826-4344 (international Customers)

We’ve Added a Certificate of Cloud Security Knowledge Technology Course To Our Library!

This course is taught by Esteban Herrera and is 3hours and 28 minutes long. You can view the course here if you’re an All Access Pass member.

About The Course:

The Certificate of Cloud Security Knowledge (CCSK) certification is currently one of the most important cloud computing certifications you can get. The Cloud Security Knowledge Certification addresses core security concepts in cloud computing such as governance and enterprise risk management, compliance and audit management, infrastructure, virtualization & containers, data security & encryption, and much more. This course will be based on the documentation provided by Cloud Security Alliance.

We’re Giving Away A One Year All Access Pass!

Did you know INE Inc. Is partnering with Aviator Brewing in this years Hops for Hope Competition to raise money for Children’s Flight of Hope?

To aid us in our efforts we’re offering a chance to win a FREE All Access Pass if you donate to this great cause. From now until July 31st donate $25 or more to Children’s Flight of Hope and you’ll be entered into a drawing to win a one year All Access Pass on us! Click Here to donate!

What is Hops for Hope?

Triangle Hops for Hope is a fundraising event that pairs corporate teams with local breweries to create an original beer and raise money for charity. Teams showcase their creations to hundreds of attendees at an epic beer competition on September 22, 2018 at the Raleigh Beer Garden. It’s the perfect opportunity to mix corporate social responsibility, employee engagement, and support local craft breweries.

All proceeds benefit Children’s Flight of Hope, a 501(c)(3) organization that provides air transportation for children to access specialized medical care. Last year’s event raised more than $70,000 for CFOH!

If you’re in the Raleigh-Durham area and want to buy tickets to this event you can do so Continue reading

Check Out Our Newest Addition To The INE Course Library: Data Science On The Google Cloud Platform

Data Science in the Cloud

Data Science, machine learning, deep learning; these are the different driving forces of the current revolution which is changing the way businesses, companies and people make decisions, work and innovate. Data Science is triggering profound innovations in healthcare, finance, transportation, manufacturing and many other sectors.

Data science is evolving at lightning speed with a multiplication of approaches, tools and platforms. In parallel to script-based data science, think python and scikit-learn, the major cloud providers are developing platforms to power and facilitate the data scientist’s daily work and the implementation of data science projects in production. The Google Cloud Platform offers one of the most innovative and user friendly data science ecosystem.

My name is Alexis Perrier, I am a data science consultant and I’m very excited to be the instructor on this data science course on the google cloud platform. I teach data science in colleges, bootcamps and also for company training sessions. I recently wrote a couple of books on Machine Learning on the Google Cloud Platform and on AWS, both are with Packt Publishing.

I have a PhD in signal processing from Telecom-ParisTech followed by over 20 years in software engineering Continue reading

Instructor Spotlight: Rohit Pardasani

Rohit has been in the networking industry for more than 17 years, with a focus on Cisco networking for the past 15 years. Rohit not only brings his years of teaching experience to the classroom, but also years of real-world enterprise and service provider experience. Rohit has assisted hundreds of engineers in obtaining their CCIE certification, and has been conducting CCIE RS, CCIE SEC, CCIE SP and CCIE Collaboration for Cisco Systems worldwide. Rohit currently holds 5xCCIE’s (Routing Switching, Service Provider, Security, Voice and Collaboration). When not teaching or developing new products, Rohit consults with large ISPs and enterprise customers in India and UK. Rohit is currently pursuing his CCIE Data Center certification.

New to the INE Course Library – Building Modern Clouds: Docker, DevOps & Kubernetes

This course covers the basics of Docker and Kubernetes by showing how to build modern clouds with these technologies. By the end of this course students will be able to launch a Kubernetes cluster and deploy self-healing and scalable applications, as well as create their own continuous integration, and continuous delivery pipeline.

Why You Should Watch:

Kubernetes has quickly become the standard platform for running containerized workloads. All the major public clouds now have a Kubernetes-as-a-Service offering and popular container management tools, like Rancher, have migrated their underlying platform from in-house software, like Cattle, to Kubernetes. Even Docker themselves are now natively supporting Kubernetes.

This course is meant to teach you how to get started building modern clouds with Kubernetes and Docker, while covering the basic concepts of DevOps.

Who Should Watch:

This course is intended for anyone wanting to learn about Kubernetes and Docker. A basic familiarity with the Linux command line and the basic high-level concepts of the public cloud are recommended. The recommended public cloud platform for this course is Google Cloud Platform.

About The Instructor

David Coronel has been in the IT field since 2002. David started as a call center agent and quickly made his way to systems administration. David is a Certified Kubernetes Administrator, a Docker Certified Associate, a Certified OpenStack Administrator as well as an AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate. David is currently employed as a Technical Account Manager at Canonical, the company behind Ubuntu.

We’ve Added a New Machine Learning Course to Our Video Library!

This is a 2 and a half hour introductory course in Machine Learning. It’s taught by Yogesh Kulkarni, a practitioner and instructor in the field of Machine learning.

Why You Should Study This Topic:

Machine Learning is getting more popular each day. It is not just hype, but an essential technique made possible and powerful by the availability of data. Studying Machine Learning is imperative, and Python is a good programming environment to get started with the basics. This workshop will not only familiarize you with this powerful and popular techniques, but will also give you the confidence necessary to venture into this on your own, thereby improving your chances of a lucrative career ahead.

Who Should Watch:

This course is for anyone who wants to become more familiar with Machine Learning. It is recommended to have some knowledge of college level mathematics and programming using Python. You can be from any domain, such as Finance, Engineering, Agriculture, Biology, etc. you will know a new problem-solving technique which could be of great help in your own domain.

What You’ll Learn:

You will learn what Artificial Intelligence is, how it relates to Machine Learning and Deep Learning, what’s the core idea Continue reading

2018 State of the CIO Report Reveals the 10 Most Difficult IT Jobs for Employers to Fill

According to the 2018 CIO Survey many organizations are having trouble finding and retaining talent with the necessary skillset to fill positions related to some of today’s most popular and cutting edge technologies. Organizations point to education program’s inability to keep up with rapid changes in modern technology, as well as a general high demand for certain positions as the culprit (Florentine).

Luckily, at INE we add new courses every week on a variety of topics, including those that are considered among the newest and most cutting-edge. Continue Reading to see which IT jobs the CIO report has dubbed the highest in-demand.

This blog post is based off of an original CIO article by Sharon Florentine. To read the original article click here.

The Next Installment of Our CCIE Security V5 Technology Series is Here!

This course was created by Piotr Kaluzny and is 2 hours and 32 minutes long. It consists of multiple videos where the Instructor discusses all relevant theoretical concepts and technologies, (in-depth explanations, whiteboarding) and shows how to implement them on the current CCIE Security v5 lab exam hardware.

Why You Should Watch:

Security is no longer just an “important” component of an organization. A constantly-increasing number of aggressive cyber criminals launch their attacks not only from the outside, but also inside of the organization, making security an inherent component of any modern network/system design.

This course, like all other courses that are part of the “CCIE Security v5 Technologies” series, is meant to teach you Cisco security technologies and solutions using the latest industry best practices to secure systems and environments against modern security risks, threats, vulnerabilities, and requirements.

Who Should Watch:

This course is not only intended for students preparing to the current CCNA/CCNP/CCIE Security exam, but also for experienced Network (Security) Engineers or Administrators looking to refresh their knowledge on important Network Security concepts before moving forward with other certifications.

What You’ll Learn:

By completing this course, you will understand and learn about the different Layer 2 attacks and Continue reading

We’ve Added New Dates To Our Bootcamp Calendar!

CCIE Routing & Switching:

Online Graded Practice Lab

January 2-4
April 15-18
April 16-19
May 28-31

5 Day Bootcamp

January 7-11

Written Exam Bootcamp

January 7-11
April 15-19
June 24-28

Lab Exam Bootcamp

January 28 – February 3
February 4-10
February 25 – March 3
March 25-31
May 13-19
June 10-16
June 24-30

CCIE Security:

5 Day Bootcamp

January 7-11

Written Exam Bootcamp

January 14-18
March 25-29

Lab Exam Bootcamp

January 21-27
February 25 – March 3
April 1-7
June 17-23

CCIE Data Center:

Lab Exam Bootcamp

January 7-13
February 4-10
March 18-24
April 29 – May 5
June 17-23

CCIE Service Provider:

Lab Exam Bootcamp

March 18-24
June 3-9

CCIE Collaboration:

Lab Exam Bootcamp

January 28 – February 3
March 4-10
April 8-14

CCNP Routing & Switching:

7 Day Bootcamp

January 28 – February 3
February 11-15
March 11-17
April 29 – May 5
May 13-17

CCNA Routing & Switching:

5 Day Bootcamp

February 25 – March 1
April 15-19
June 10-14

CCNA Security:

5 Day Bootcamp

April 1-5
June 24-28

Visit our Bootcamps Site to purchase your course today!

Check Out Our Newest Network Automation Course, Now Available On Our Streaming Site

We’ve just added a new Network Automation course, Network Automation with Ansible (v2), to our video library!

Instructor: Eric Chou

Course Duration: 4hrs 33min

Course Description

Ansible is quickly becoming the automation tool of choice for networking. This course aims to demystify Ansible and get you up and running with today’s technologies. After covering the basics, we’ll move on to the more advanced topics as they are applicable to network automation. This course will be cover the latest Ansible GA release 2.4 with some augments for upcoming development release 2.5.

We’ve Added A New Juniper Security Technology Course To Our Video Library!

Our Newest Juniper course, Juniper Security (JSEC) Technology is now live! Whether you’re preparing for your Juniper Specialist Exam, or just looking to brush up on Juniper SRX Devices, this course is an excellent resource for IT security professionals. Tune in for 3 hours of instruction with Juniper expert Mauricio Spinelli by logging into your members account here.

About The Course:

In this course you will learn about the Junos Security platform and be prepared for the Juniper Specialist exam (JN0-332). You will learn about the benefits, architecture and how to deploy environments with Juniper SRX devices. This is the introduction of Security platform of Juniper Networks, after complete this course you will be ready to deploy, manage and troubleshooting Juniper SRX devices.

Train Your Team With INE And Reap The Benefits Of Becoming A Cisco Partner

Training with INE will not only keep you team on the cutting edge of the industry’s leading networking technologies, it will also put you on the path to becoming a Cisco Partner; a tangible way to show clients that you’re on the forefront of Cisco technologies and training. Cisco registered partners enjoy access to a wide variety of Cisco channel partner tools and are eligible to apply for Cisco certifications and specializations.

Additional Benefits Include:
  • Credibility: Capitalize on the Cisco Brand, which commands recognition and respect in the marketplace.
  • Credentials: Market your certified Cisco Expertise as a competitive differentiator to customers.
  • Momentum: Join the value-add partner program that is setting the pace in the industry.
  • Rewards: Add value for customers and drive growth and profitability with Cisco.
  • Relationships: Position your company to take advantage of more sales opportunities than ever before.

There are three levels of certification that a team can achieve; Cisco Select, Premier and Gold. Each level requires certain prerequisites, which INE’s industry-leading network training can provide. The three types of certifications are:

For more information contact our training advisors at [email protected] or by phone at +1-877-224-8987 or +1-775-862-4344 (outside the U.S.)

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