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Connected Classrooms: The Future of Education Technology

As a parent to two kids in elementary school, I’m continually amazed at how quickly teachers and students are using technology to effectively teach and gain new 21st Century skills. Instead of being bombarded with handouts every week, I receive only the ones that require my attention and acknowledgment; all other communication is through email or educational apps. For example, my kindergartener’s teacher uses Seesaw to share my son’s work in the classroom with me. Changing from asking “What did you do at school today?” to saying “I love what you did at school this week!” always brings a smile to his face.

Doing More with Less: The Hotel Technology Challenge

Throughout my many years supporting the hospitality industry - several of them while at Ruckus - I have always been amazed at the technology demands in hotels. The push for more cost-effective services that positively impact guest satisfaction with proven ROI for the hotelier is a huge challenge. Plus, hoteliers have to do this across a range of brands, properties and budgets. The tech-savvy traveler has higher expectations that start with hotel IP Edge Networking, it is the on-ramp to the hotel technology services and the Internet. Ruckus Wireless has been a leader in hospitality due to our superior Wi-Fi (Beamflex+ antenna system providing coverage and performance in guest rooms), next-gen purpose build wallplate APs, first/fast to market 11ac W2 portfolio, flexible WLAN Controller options and now powerful ICX Switch Line from Brocade. We are excited about our support of the industry and our continued role in technology for hotel.

6 Steps for a Successful E-rate Season

E-rate, a government funded program, allows schools and libraries to implement and update in-building network infrastructure. For most school districts, this funding is to make sure all students have reliable access to Wi-Fi to enable digital learning and improve student outcomes. However, the process to apply and receive funding can be a little tedious; therefore, many schools do not finish the process or submit forms incorrectly, leading to a loss in funding.

Expanding our Wave 2 Portfolio: Making Networks Efficient For All Devices

Any technology company today will likely tell you we are in the midst of a massive digital transformation, and in order to keep up, businesses across the globe need things to be done faster than ever before. Whether it’s making decisions, getting a new product to market or serving customers, the need for speed is vital to succeed in today’s innovation climate. This is especially true for wireless networks.

Our Shared Values

After this week’s news that the IP Networking assets of Brocade will be sold to a lucky buyer, I wanted to take the time to reflect on what we’ve achieved, our value as the Network Edge business unit of Brocade, and why we value our partners and customers and intend to continue delivering the quality products and customer service Ruckus is known for.

OpenG Rap: Unlicensed to Ill

Indoor cell signal feels so wack! Do not worry though, MC Ruckus and the Dawgs (aka Ruckus OpenG engineers) will set you straight with this funky gold-teeth-laden introduction to new technology. We got your back, yo! #OpenG #WhatDidIJustWatch Read more...

Catch OpenG in the Wild

In partnership with Dell/EMC, Ruckus, now a Brocade company, will be showing its first live demo of OpenGTM at Dell EMC World this week. OpenG is a solution that greatly improves in-building cellular coverage and capacity at a much lower cost than DAS or traditional small cells. Because OpenG uses the newly-released US 3.5GHz CBRS coordinated shared radio spectrum, enterprises and venues can finally deploy a single in-building cellular solution to serve subscribers of all mobile operators.

WiFi data – The new gold mine!

The number one role of network data is to improve the operational performance of the network and ultimately drive business objectives. Data analytics provide insights on network functionality and user habits that network managers have never had before. With these insights, enterprises can make decisions network infrastructure, uncover answers for hard-to-solve problems and use IT resources more effectively.

The Art of Good Beer and Wi-Fi

Just like pouring beer correctly, deploying the right Wi-Fi also enhances the user experience. There is nothing more aggravating than not being able to connect to Wi-Fi, no matter where you are. Customers like to share their experience via social media and employees often times rely on the Internet to complete their job.
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