Infusing Some Reality in the “Land of Make Believe”

As almost everyone in the networking community knows, next week is Cisco Live in Orlando, Florida. And as just about well…everyone knows, Orlando is the home of Disney World, a.k.a. the Land of Make Believe.

There are some that would have you believe that the software-defined networking (SDN) market is the land of make believe as well – lots of buzz words, catchy messaging and pretty PowerPoint slides. Embrane and our customers have a different view.

It’s a view we can’t wait to talk about next week. We have a lot to share with the show attendees. There’s a lot of synergy between Embrane and Cisco. Whether attendees want to talk about running applications on UCS or moving traffic through their data center or cloud environment with Nexus switches, we add a tremendous amount of value to those environments with our software-defined network services.

Speaking of UCS. Because I like a good Main Street, USA fireworks show as much as the blinking lights on a piece of hardware, I’m really looking forward to powering up the Cisco UCS chassis we are going to have in the booth. Then, just a few seconds after that spinning up software-defined firewalls load balancers, and just a few seconds after that showing someone how it all works seamlessly with OpenStack.

Since we’re going to be in the shadow of Disney where child-like amazement and wonder almost guaranteed, I can’t wait to see all of those architects, CIOs, CTOs and network admins’ faces light up with amazement when they see us spin up a load balancer, firewall and VPN in less than 90 seconds and turn their Cisco infrastructure into a multi-service, software-defined network infrastructure. I know we’re going to get our fair share of oooohs and ahhhhhs. There’s a lot of magic there, a kingdom of it (in the kingdom of IT), if you will. The best part is, none of that is make believe. It’s all very real. They’re all very real solutions you can see in Orlando because our demos are based on real customer use cases in deployments today.

Once you see what we have to show you. Be sure to check out our CTO and co-founder, Marco Di Benedetto, over at Intel’s booth (#1047). Marco has been invited to talk about Embrane, SDN and the value of working with Intel SR-IOV-enabled adapters. He’s speaking on Tuesday at 11am Eastern and Thursday at noon.

SDN may be a small, small world after all today but at Embrane’s booth (#1621), attendees can step out of the Land of Make Believe and see SDN for real.

See you next week in Orlando. Stop by to say hello and for a little slice of reality.