Technology Advancements that Led to the Success of NASA’s Mars Rover Landing

Space exploration is one of the most unique and innovative things in the world. With each passing mission NASA employs new and advanced technology in their space missions. Space missions aren’t always a success however with latest technology, NASA has been enjoying some great success.

Ingenuity Mars Helicopter

Mars has a very thin atmosphere so it was necessary for NASA to come up with a powerful object that could fly around the planet and take photographs. This ingenuity Mars helicopter can easily fly around the red planet so that the astronauts can take pictures even far away from their landing base.


MOXIE is one of the most important technologies that is going to revolutionize the space program. MOXIE is a technology that is going to convert the carbon dioxide in Mars atmosphere to oxygen. This will be a great way to have unlimited amount of oxygen once NASA plans to start a base on Mars.

In addition to the above two technologies, NASA also uses new technologies for entry in to the atmosphere. descent and then landing.

Range Trigger

Good landing is very important when you are trying to land on another planet. You need to hit all the at the right time. The Range Trigger technology helps to open the parachute at the most ideal time. 

Terrain Relative Navigation

One important thing about exploring another planet is that you never know what type of terrain you may be driving on. Mars terrain is already known to scientists and it is not smooth. So astronauts need a good technology that can help the rover avoid hazardous and bumpy terrain.

Advanced Aeroshell Sensor Package

This technology is used to record what the spacecraft or rocket goes through during the landing process. It also records how the spacecraft performs at takeoff, during the journey and landing.

New and Modified Space Suits

NASA astronauts have recently starting using lighter yet more advanced space suits. These suits let the astronauts move relatively freely in low gravity atmosphere. This   ease of mobility is very important in space. The new suits are also equipped with more modernized features.

Updated Cameras and Microphone

NASA regularly updates the cameras and microphones it uses on it spacecraft and on its missions. NASA has recently updated such equipment on its spacecraft. Updating cameras and microphones has helped improve the communication between the astronauts and the earth base. It has also helped in taking great and high quality images to bring back to earth. 

These are some of the updated technology that NASA has been using for its latest space missions. These technology advancements led to the success of NASA’s Mars Rover smooth landing.

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Clark Gibson