A New Journey Begins

Life is about moving from one journey to the next. Today marks exactly one of those changes.  Cisco announced their intent to acquire Embrane, which takes us to the next phase in our journey.

It’s been five exciting years since Marco and I founded Embrane. So many great memories come to mind – but I am even more excited about what we have in front of us. 

Joining Cisco gives us the opportunity to continue our journey and participate in one of the most significant shifts in the history of networking:  leading the industry to better serve application needs through integrated software-hardware models.  

At Embrane, we have demonstrated the ability to build products that accelerate the adoption of more agile models for virtualization and automation of networking capabilities in the data center. 

The networking DNA of Cisco and Embrane together drives our common vision for an Application Centric Infrastructure.  We both believe that innovation must be evolutionary and enable IT organizations to transition to their future state on their own terms – and with their own timelines.  It’s about coexistence of hardware with software and of new with legacy in a way that and simplifies operations.

One of the best parts of every journey is the people you meet, work with, share time and experiences with. Embrane has been no exception. 

We have had the pleasure to work with great customers. They have provided tremendous insight on their business requirements and validated our vision.  As we prepare to join Cisco, we look forward to sharing our journey with even more customers, partners and colleagues who share the same passion for this industry.

As founders, Marco and I are really thankful to all the people who have shared the journey with us.  The Embrane team and their families, the advisors, the investors, and all those people that we have had the pleasure to work with in the past few years – thank you.

One great journey is coming to an end, and an exciting new journey begins!