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Pluribus Unified Cloud Networking: What, Why, How

Today, in partnership with NVIDIA, Pluribus launched the Unified Cloud Networking architecture aiming to transform the way CSPs, telcos and enterprises build and operate cloud networks with radical operational simplification, distributed security services integrated into the network, and significantly lower total cost of ownership (TCO) compared to existing solutions.

In this blog I discuss the networking and security challenges cloud operators are facing, and then describe how the Pluribus Unified Cloud Fabric™ addresses these challenges with a holistic approach to cloud networking including both the switching fabric and the compute virtualization fabric. I then explain how the Pluribus Netvisor® ONE network operating system (OS) integrates with the NVIDIA® Bluefield® data processing unit (DPU) hardware architecture to deliver a Unified Cloud Fabric across any workload environment (including ESXi, Hyper-V, Xen, KVM, bare metal, and Kubernetes), provide a zero-trust administration model between compute and network, and radically simplify the networking stack running on the server OS with better overall performance and lower TCO. Finally, I review the initial set of use cases Pluribus is delivering with the Early Field Trial (EFT) program starting next month.

The State of Cloud Networking: A Tale of Many Fabrics

Outside the largest public cloud providers, with Continue reading

Pluribus Netvisor ONE R7 Feature Spotlight: Kubernetes-aware Fabric with the KubeTracker™ Fabric Service

Today, Pluribus released Netvisor 7, which marks another major step forward in our mission to radically simplify deployment and operations for distributed cloud networking. One of the most innovative features of this release is a new suite of monitoring and visibility tools, including FlowTracker and KubeTracker™ fabric services.

In prior releases, Netvisor ONE OS and the Adaptive Cloud Fabric software could capture flow telemetry for TCP flows only. With the introduction of FlowTracker in R7, Pluribus now provides telemetry on every flow traversing the fabric, including TCP, UDP, ICMP and even infrastructure services flows like DCHP, DNS and more.

Amazingly, this comprehensive flow telemetry is achieved without the need for an expensive external TAP and TAP aggregation overlay infrastructure. The cost of procuring and deploying TAPS to capture packet flows for analysis can be daunting and often results in cost/benefit tradeoffs where TAPS are only installed at certain points in the network. With FlowTracker, that expense and those tradeoffs are eliminated, every flow in the fabric is captured, and flow metadata is exported to tools like our UNUM Insight Analytics platform.

The KubeTracker fabric service is a powerful new capability delivered by the Adaptive Cloud Fabric specifically for network operators Continue reading