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Install Netmiko on Windows

Netmiko develop by kirk Byers is open source python library  based on Paramiko which simplifies SSH management to network devices . Netmiko library  makes task to automate . Its very tedious to find out the procedure to install Netmiko in Windows enviornment.Let’s make out task simple :- Steps: Install Anaconda ( From the Anaconda […]

Regular Expression for Network Engineer Part-2

This post is continuation of the  Regular Expression for Network Engineer Part-1 , here  we  have a look for the different methods to find out the pattern in string. Findall() – returns  list of all the  matches the pattern in a string  without overlapping EXAMPLE   Match()-return a match object when pattern is found at the […]

Regular Expression for Network Engineer Part-1

A regular expression is set of pattern used to define certain amount of text. An powerful  tool in any scripting language to match any pattern. Lets have a look , how regular expression can be used in Python to solves the problem. Module “re’ is imported in python to support regular expression . << import […]

MTU (Maximum Transmit Unit) and MSS (Maximum Segment Size)

What is difference  between MTU and MSS ? Most frequent question asked on the internet by networking guys.Hope this post will answer all queries related to MTU and MSS. As per Wikipedia , the maximum transmission unit (MTU) is the size of the largest protocol data unit (PDU) that can be communicated in a single, network layer, transaction , that […]


Software Defined Network (SDN) is technology to allow network devices to be managed through software application, thus making configuration process automated and faster. Network devices have its own management plane, data plane and control plane. Traditional SDN decouples Control plane from all different devices and have all these control plane go live inside  SDN controller […]

Nexus 9K –ACI Mode – PART 2

Welcome to part 2 of ACI series,  if you want to go through  part 1 of ACI series , here is link for reference Let’s start with the discussion of new terms related to ACI which will be used further during ACI discussion.   Above Pic tells about the different relation between Tenant and […]

Learning Python: Week3 (Conditionals and For Loops) -Part 4

As discussed in post  (  ) , i will be sharing the my learning on weekly basis as course continues. This will not only motivate me but also help others who are in phase of learning python 3. This post will focus on Week 3 (Conditionals and For Loops) .This post will focus on […]