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The 4 Definitions of Multicloud: Part 4 — Traffic Portability

With the goal of bringing more productive discussions on this topic into focus and understanding which types of multicloud capabilities are worth pursuing, this series concludes with a look at multicloud through the lens of traffic portability. Traffic Portability Armon Dadgar Armon is co-founder and CTO of HashiCorp, where he brings his passion for distributed systems to the world of DevOps tooling and cloud infrastructure. Multicloud traffic portability means you can shift traffic between environments dynamically. If you have geographically dispersed users, traffic portability would allow you to route traffic to the nearest cloud provider that could service them. So, if your app can run on Azure and AWS, maybe there’s a closer AWS data center to your customer than Azure. Or maybe one cloud vendor works better for data sovereignty in Europe, so you route to a particular vendor only for those requests. In most cases, the goal of traffic portability is to have the ability to dynamically shift traffic very quickly between multiple cloud platforms and on-premises data centers. This could also mean you’re balancing 50/50 traffic between AWS and Azure. Or maybe you’re doing maintenance in your Google Cloud environments, so you move 100% of traffic to Continue reading