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Networking Field Day at Cumulus Networks – Recap

Networking Field Day is not your typical event; it is an interactive forum where vendors present to selected networking industry experts.

Feb 11, 2015 was our first Networking Field Day at Cumulus Networks and as many have commented, it was “very informational” and an “excellent” presentation. So, for those of you that could not make it, here is the recap with the recordings.

Being an atypical event, #NFD9 had to start off differently with…. a grandiose entrance from the delegates in a limo and some first-class espressos powered by the Cumulus Networks team before getting off to an exciting 2hours forum.

Networking Field Day - Cumulus Networks tweets
Tweets from NFD9

Cumulus Networks Overview

Kicking off the session was JR Rivers (@JRCumulus), Co-founder and CEO of Cumulus Networks for a straight conversation and great anecdotes on Cumulus Networks and what makes Cumulus Linux different. “Cumulus Linux is fundamentally & unashamedly Linux!” What sets Cumulus Networks apart from others? The responsibility to take patches upstream, the real partnerships, being an enabler rather than a gatekeeper.

Networking Field Day at Cumulus Networks

Data Center Architectures

What architectures are best suited for today’s date center network? And how does Cumulus Networks make it easier to build networks? Dinesh Dutt (@ddcumulus), Chief Continue reading

Networking Field Day 9: Fresh Perspectives on Open Networking

The community-selected delegates of Networking Field Day 9 #NFD9 are coming to Cumulus Networks on February 11, 12:30pm-2:30pm PST, to learn more about open networking – and it’s going to be live streamed for everyone, so mark your calendar.

We’ve assembled a team of industry experts from Cumulus Networks to discuss with 13 NFD9 delegates data center evolution and what makes us different.

The topics to be presented are:

  • Overview and what makes Cumulus Linux compelling JR Rivers, co-founder and CEO
  • Data center architectures and how we make it easier to build networks Dinesh Dutt, Chief Scientist
  • Data center network operations and how we make it easier to manage networks Matt Peterson, Office of the CTO
  • Real world examples, from a network admin to a cloud admin David Sinn, Customer Solutions Engineer

Networking Field Day is not just a one-way presentation; it brings us together with independent thought leaders to share information and opinions in a presentation and discussion format. If you’re a networking technologist, this is a great opportunity for you to join the live stream and participate in the discussions on Twitter #NFD9 and @CumulusNetworks. If you’ve heard about open Continue reading

A Full Year of Commercially Available Cumulus Linux Brings Us to Version 2.2

It’s been about one year since we released Cumulus Linux commercially to the market.

Cumulus Linux proved itself quickly as a powerful alternative to traditional networking approaches — not only for the choice it provided with a disaggregated model (choice of both networking hardware and networking OS) or the new business model it provided (a software-only solution with a transparent pricing model) — but also because for the first time, the operating system was a true Linux OS, one that is managed just like Linux on servers, thereby solving many customer challenges around IT automation with tools such as Puppet, Chef, Ansible, Salt, Graphite, and Ganglia readily available on networking platforms. Soon, cloud providers adopted Cumulus Linux and took advantage of various tools to automate rack provisioning, orchestrate switches like servers, and integrate networking with existing workflows.

Cumulus Linux 2.0 brought support for the latest industry-standard hardware platforms with Trident II-based switches and the latest technologies with hardware accelerated VXLANs and Layer 2 gateway integration with network virtualization providers such as VMware NSX. Since then, Cumulus Networks has added many platforms to the HCL, with major partners such as Dell on board, and has had broad coverage for modern Continue reading