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Cloudflare incident on June 27, 2024


On June 27, 2024, a small number of users globally may have noticed that was unreachable or degraded. The root cause was a mix of BGP (Border Gateway Protocol) hijacking and a route leak.

Cloudflare was an early adopter of Resource Public Key Infrastructure (RPKI) for route origin validation (ROV). With RPKI, IP prefix owners can store and share ownership information securely, and other operators can validate BGP announcements by comparing received BGP routes with what is stored in the form of Route Origin Authorizations (ROAs). When Route Origin Validation is enforced by networks properly and prefixes are signed via ROA, the impact of a BGP hijack is greatly limited. Despite increased adoption of RPKI over the past several years and being a signed resource, during the incident was originated by ELETRONET S.A. (AS267613) and accepted by multiple networks, including at least one Tier 1 provider who accepted as a blackhole route. This caused immediate unreachability for the DNS resolver address from over 300 networks in 70 countries was impacted, although the impact on the overall percentage of users was quite Continue reading