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Using DNS to estimate the worldwide state of IPv6 adoption

In order for one device to talk to other devices on the Internet using the aptly named Internet Protocol (IP), it must first be assigned a unique numerical address. What this address looks like depends on the version of IP being used: IPv4 or IPv6.

IPv4 was first deployed in 1983. It’s the IP version that gave birth to the modern Internet and still remains dominant today. IPv6 can be traced back to as early as 1998, but only in the last decade did it start to gain significant traction — rising from less than 1% to somewhere between 30 and 40%, depending on who’s reporting and what and how they’re measuring.

With the growth in connected devices far exceeding the number of IPv4 addresses available, and its costs rising, the much larger address space provided by IPv6 should have made it the dominant protocol by now. However, as we’ll see, this is not the case.

Cloudflare has been a strong advocate of IPv6 for many years and, through Cloudflare Radar, we’ve been closely following IPv6 adoption across the Internet. At three years old, Radar is still a relatively recent platform. To go further back in time, we Continue reading