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Australia’s cybersecurity strategy is here and Cloudflare is all in

We are thrilled about Australia’s strategic direction to build a world-leading cyber nation by 2030. As a world-leading cybersecurity company whose mission is to help build a better Internet, we think we can help.

Cloudflare empowers organizations to make their employees, applications and networks faster and more secure everywhere, while reducing complexity and cost. Cloudflare is trusted by millions of organizations – from the largest brands to entrepreneurs and small businesses to nonprofits, humanitarian groups, and governments across the globe.

Cloudflare first established a footprint in Australia in 2012 when we launched our 15th data center in Sydney (our network has since grown to span over 310 cities in 120 countries/regions). We support a multitude of customers in Australia and New Zealand, including some of Australia’s largest banks and digital natives, with our world-leading security products and services. For example, Australia’s leading tech company Canva, whose service is used by over 35 million people worldwide each month, uses a broad array of Cloudflare’s products — spanning use cases as diverse as remote application access, to serverless development, and even bot management to help Canva protect its network from attacks.

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