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Introducing notifications for HTTP Traffic Anomalies

Introducing notifications for HTTP Traffic Anomalies

When it comes to managing Internet properties, the difference between a small technical hiccup and major incident is often a matter of speed. Proactive alerting plays a crucial role, which is why we were excited when we released HTTP Error Rate notifications — giving administrators visibility into when end users are experiencing errors.

But what if there are issues that don't show up as errors, like a sudden drop in traffic, or a spike?

Today, we're excited to announce Traffic Anomalies notifications, available to enterprise customers. These notifications trigger when Cloudflare detects unexpected changes in traffic, giving another valuable perspective into the health of your systems.

Unexpected changes in traffic could be indicative of many things. If you run an ecommerce site and see a spike in traffic that could be great news — maybe customers are flocking to your sale, or you just had an ad run on a popular TV show. However, it could also mean that something is going wrong: maybe someone accidentally turned off a firewall rule, and now you’re seeing more malicious traffic. Either way, you might want to know that something has changed.

Similarly, a sudden drop in traffic could mean many things. Perhaps Continue reading