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DockerCon Is Almost Here!

Can you feel it? DockerCon is just days away. There’s still time to register before the one-day, free, virtual extravaganza takes place this Thursday, May 27. Demonstrations, product announcements, company updates — you name it, it’s on the program. All of it focused on modern application delivery in a cloud-native world.

Do DockerCon your way. There’s tons of options. Be sure to catch our line-up of top-notch keynote speakers, which includes Docker CEO Scott Johnston, CTO Justin Cormack, VP of Products Donnie Berkholz, and special guests from GitHub and Orbital Insight.

Check out our recent blog on what not to miss, such as sessions on coding using Docker’s new HTTP APIs, a dive into Docker Dev Environments, tips for navigating a multi-architecture world, and what to do if your container image has more vulnerabilities than you have Twitter followers.

Got questions? Find answers via Live Panels hosted by Docker Captain Bret Fisher, join Peter McKee on two developer focused panels and participate in Hema Ganapathy’s women’s panel. Just put your questions on selected topics in chat, and the team will do their best to answer them. Note: These live streamed Q&A sessions tend to be DevOps focused Continue reading

Video: Docker Build – Working with Docker and VSCode

Tune in as host Peter McKee turns over the controls to Brandon Waterloo for a show-and-tell of how to work with Docker and Visual Studio Code (VSCode). A senior software engineer at Microsoft, Waterloo is the lead developer of the Docker extension and works mainly on the Docker extension for VSCode.

VSCode is a streamlined source-code editor made by Microsoft for Windows, Linux and macOS that’s fine-tuned for building and debugging modern web and cloud applications. The Docker extension makes it easier to build apps that leverage Docker containers, helps scaffold needed files, build Docker images, debug your app inside a container and more.

Follow along as Waterloo builds a basic Python FastAPI app with a Redis backend and a simple hit counter, adding Docker files in order to containerize it. Along the way, he and McKee talk scaffolding, running, debugging, syntax highlighting, intelligent code completion, snippets and the climate benefits of living in Texas (McKee) versus Michigan (Waterloo).

Watch the video here:

 Join Us for DockerCon LIVE 2021  

Join us for DockerCon LIVE 2021 on Thursday, May 27. DockerCon LIVE is a free, one day virtual event that is a unique experience for developers and development teams who Continue reading

DockerCon LIVE 2021 Keynotes

Join us for DockerCon LIVE 2021 on Thursday, May 27. DockerCon LIVE is a free, one day virtual event that is a unique experience for developers and development teams who are building the next generation of modern applications. If you want to learn about how to go from code to cloud fast and how to solve your development challenges, DockerCon LIVE 2021 offers engaging live content to help you build, share and run your applications. Register today at https://dockr.ly/2PSJ7vn

With DockerCon just around the corner, we’re pleased to announce our outstanding keynote speaker line-up.

Among the Docker luminaries taking the virtual stage May 27 will be CEO Scott Johnston, CTO Justin Cormack and VP of Products Donnie Berkholz. Look for keynotes, too, from special guests Dana Lawson, GitHub VP of Engineering, and Matt Falk, VP of Engineering, Data Science and Computer Vision at Orbital Insight.

Picking up hosting duties will be Docker’s Peter McKee and William Quiviger, along with DevOps consultant and Docker Captain Bret Fisher.

They’re just part of the one-day event packed with demonstrations, product announcements, company updates and more — all of it focused on modern application delivery in a cloud-native world.

Last year 78,000 registrants Continue reading

Video: How to Dockerize a Python App with FastAPI

Join host Peter McKee and Python wizard Michael Kennedy for a warts-and-all demo of how to Dockerize a Python app using FastAPI, a popular Python framework. Kennedy is a developer and entrepreneur, and the founder and host of two successful Python podcasts — Talk Python To Me and Python Bytes. He’s also a Python Software Foundation Fellow.

With some skillful back-seat driving by McKee, Kennedy shows how to build a bare-bones web API — in this case one that allows you to ask questions and get answers about movies (director, release date, etc.) — by mashing together a movie service and FastAPI. Next, he shows how to put it into a Docker container, create an app and run it, finally sharing the image on GitHub.

If you’re looking for a scripted, flawless, pre-recorded demo, this is not the one for you! McKee and Kennedy iterate and troubleshoot their way through the process — which makes this a great place to start if you’re new to Dockerizing Python apps. Install scripts, libraries, automation, security, best practices, and a pinch of Python zen — it’s all here. (Duration 1 hour, 10 mins.)

Join Us for DockerCon LIVE 2021  

Join us Continue reading

10 Reasons to Attend DockerCon LIVE 2021

DockerCon Live 2021 is almost here and it’s going to be one to remember. Our one-day, all-digital event on May 27 will be jam-packed with the application development technology, skills, tools and people you need to help solve the problems you face day to day — all for free.

Designed for developers by developers, this year’s event is all about modern application delivery in a cloud-native world. At DockerCon, you’ll learn how Docker helps you grow your development capacity and community connections so you can accelerate how you build, share and run your applications, and spend more of your time actually coding the next great application.

Ten Reasons to Attend

  1. Get the scoop. Be the first to see the latest Docker innovations, features and technology updates.
  2. Hear from industry leaders. In addition to Docker’s executive team, the speaker lineup includes AWS, Cockroach Labs, Instana, Mirantis, Accurics, Snyk and other companies that will share how Docker is an integral part of their software supply chain.
  3. Get up close. See live, on-demand technical demos.
  4. Connect. Network with peers and a vibrant community of developers, and connect with Docker Captains and Community Leaders.
  5. Learn. Attend tutorials on how to get started with containers Continue reading

Stack Overflow Survey Reconfirms Developer Love for Docker

The 2020 Stack Overflow Developer Survey confirms what we already knew: there’s a lot of developer love out there for Docker and it is continuing from last year.

Docker was the #1 most wanted platform and #2 most loved platform, according to the survey results published last week. We also ranked as the #3 most popular platform.

That’s no fluke. The results are based on nearly 65,000 people who code. And it’s the second year running we’ve acquitted ourselves so admirably in the annual survey. As we shared with you here last summer, developers ranked Docker as the #1 most wanted platform, #2 most loved platform and #3 most broadly used platform in the 2019 Stack Overflow Developer Survey. Those responses came from nearly 90,000 developers from around the world.

  • This year, in the most wanted platform category, nearly 25 percent of developers expressed interest in developing with Docker, ahead of AWS (20.2 percent), Kubernetes (18.5 percent) and Linux (16.6 percent).
  • In the most loved platform category, 73.6 percent of developers expressed interest in continuing to develop with Docker, trailing only first-placed Linux (76.9 percent), and leading Kubernetes (71.1 percent) and AWS (66. Continue reading