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Arista Partnering with Google Cloud to Deliver Hybrid Cloud and Multi-Cloud Connectivity

Arista has a long history of joint development with hyper-scale cloud providers delivering innovative solutions for a broad range of customers.  Our integration with Google Cloud and Network Connectivity Center is a testament to that ongoing innovation and abstracting complex networking challenges making them simple and agile for IT clients worldwide.

Delivering a Multi Cloud and Cloud Native Operator Experience

Right around the same time I joined Arista in 2009, Amazon Web Services developed the concept of the Virtual Private Cloud, one of the seminal technologies that became a core construct deployed throughout public clouds enabling enterprise customers to corral and protect resources and provision them into logical groups, align security policies, and simplify their management. Following this, Google developed a model for Virtual Private Clouds that spanned regions allocating one subnet per region by default - creating the first multi-region VPC within a single cloud provider.