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The Power of Nautobot and the Path to a Data-Driven Future

Throughout the development of networking, there has never been an effective way to capture and document the intended state of the network or to use that state to support network operations. Similarly, a go-to source for comprehensive training, guidance, and services on automating your network was unavailable. In 2014, with the rise of network APIs and DevOps tools being applied to networking, observing those two realities was the core reason for starting Network to Code. For ten years, our mission has been to help individuals and organizations automate their networks in any way we can. It’s why we held the first in-person, five-day network automation training event. This is why I co-wrote “Nautobot from network engineers worldwide, even those in third world countries and organizations with no budget, showcasing our commitment to transform the network industry any way we can. That’s why, in keeping with Network to Code’s mission, several of us have teamed up to co-author a new book on Nautobot, “