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A Look at Meta’s Low-Latency Metaverse Infrastructure

Tackling the challenge of providing fast, smooth, jitter-free gameplay with super low end-to-end latency, social media giant in a blog post Thursday. This low-latency gaming platform could also serve as the base Meta’s pending Metaverse, they asserted. Facebook launched its cloud gaming platform in 2020, providing users quick access to native Android and Windows mobile games across all the browsers. Along with high a volume of consumer access came a high volume of developer and engineering challenges. Network, Hosting, and Cluster Management The first step Meta took in providing low end-to-end latency was a physical one — to reduce the distance between the cloud gaming infrastructure and the players themselves. For this Meta used edge computing and deployed in edges that were close to large populations of players. The goal of edge computing is to “have a unified hosting environment to make sure we can run as many games as possible as smoothly as possible,” Meta engineers Xiaoxing Zhu wrote. The more edge computing sites, the lower the user latency. Continue reading