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Scripting is the Wrong Approach to Automating Networks

Olivier Huynh Van Olivier Huynh Van is the CTO and co-founder of Gluware and leads the Gluware R&D team. Olivier has spent 20+ years designing and managing mission-critical global networks for such organizations as ADM Investor Services, Groupe ODDO & Cie, Natixis, Oxoid and Deutsche Bank. He holds a Master’s Degree in Electronics, Robotics and Information Technology from ESIEA in Paris, France. In the race to keep up with swiftly moving digital currents, enterprises are in search of ways to automate their networks. They want to remove complexity and make changes to their networks quickly and effectively. Vendors are offering a variety of scripting approaches to network management that are open-source. The use of scripts in DevOps has been effective since they are generally run on consistent operating systems and compute platforms. The industry is now trying to push scripting on NetOps, but it is much harder due to the variation of vendors, operating systems and hardware platforms used in the networking layer. Scripts may provide a quick fix, but they are not reliable over time and not a long-term strategic solution. In addition, these approaches may be risky, as they could lead to costly errors and network outages. For Continue reading