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Addressing the Challenges of Real-Time Data Sharing

While conventional data warehouses and data lakes have become common practice for analytics workloads, they don’t solve the broader enterprise problems of sharing real-time operational data among departments or across companies. This three-part series explores the challenges and solutions that arise when integrating business data across different applications, clouds and organizations in a modern IT stack. Part 1 highlights the challenges of real-time data sharing, discusses operational vs. analytical data, and legacy solutions and their limitations. Part 2 defines the real-time data mesh and discusses the key tenets for incorporating them into modern IT stacks. Part 3 focuses on what’s needed to effectively evaluate real-time data-sharing solutions. Canyon Spanning — The Foundational IT Challenge Tim Wagner Tim is the inventor of AWS Lambda and a former general manager of AWS Lambda and Amazon API Gateway services. He has also served as vice president of engineering at Coinbase, where he managed design, security and product management teams. Tim co-founded Vendia to help organizations of all sizes share data more effectively across clouds and companies, and he serves as its CEO. One of the most enduring and foundational challenges for IT professionals regardless of their organization’s size or industry is getting data Continue reading