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Junos PyEZ Installation & Initial Testing on Mac OS X

I am educating myself about network automation. As I spend a lot of time in the Juniper world, a natural  place to work on automation skills is by leveraging PyEZ. What is PyEZ? Juniper describes it this way in their techwiki. Junos PyEZ is a microframework for Python that enables you to remotely […]

Book Review: Juniper QFX5100 Series by Doug Hanks (O’Reilly)

I was sent a complementary copy of Juniper QFX5100 Series: A Comprehensive Guide to Building Next-Generation Networks by Doug Hanks. Doug works for Juniper. I’ve met Doug a few times, and he’s been a guest on the Packet Pushers podcast. The book is not simply a guide to the QFX5100 Ethernet switch, although […]

VMs Running In My ESXi Networking Lab as of 23-Dec-2014

Over the last several months, I’ve been building a lab full of virtual machines related to networking. I am using 2 independent ESXi hosts running vSphere 5.5 running on Haswell motherboards with 32GB of RAM, 256GB local SSDs, and a Synology DS1813+ for big, slow remote storage I access with NFS. You can […]

Is Juniper About To Kill Their Entire Security Line? It Seems Not.

This is a quick follow up to a post I made a bit ago about rumored changes to Juniper’s security portfolio. I left that article with one big question in my mind.  Is Juniper on the verge of shuttering their entire security portfolio, including the SRX firewall platform and Firefly Perimeter (vSRX)? The answer […]

What is a data center operating system (DCOS)?

I’ve become aware of a new industry term called the “Data Center Operating System” (DCOS). The big idea seems to be abstracting away individual elements of the data center, allowing compute nodes to get spun up on top of infrastructure building blocks, whether physical or cloud. In theory, you supply hardware or cloud […]

What does “scale out” vs. “scale up” mean?

When researching data center network architectures, you will find the terms “scale out” and — rather less frequently — “scale up” used. What do these terms mean? I’m going to discuss these terms in a networking sense. If you search, you’ll find that applications and storage also have concepts of scaling out vs. […]

Cisco VIRL ESXi Installation Notes

Note: I was part of the early VIRL beta program. For my efforts in that beta, I was provided a free one year subscription to VIRL, worth $199. I’ve got Cisco VIRL up and running on ESXi 5.5. The installation was mostly smooth, but there were some hurdles to overcome. Here are my installation notes […]

3 Months With Little Streaming Boxes

You might recall that I dropped Dish Network a few months back, using a Roku 3 and Apple TV instead. How’s it been going? Just fine, really. No regrets. Here’s what I’ve learned. 1. We use the Roku 3 for almost everything. The Roku has a clean, intuitive, simple, responsive interface. Plus, the Roku […]

Friday News Analysis: Lightweight Junos for Cloud Builders on an Open Switch

Finally! An Open Switch With a Reliable Operating System (Juniper) Today, Juniper Networks announced a fundamental transformation in the networking industry. Until now, disaggregated networking software and hardware has been in the domain of only those customers who had a large amount of resources to take “unproven software,” combined with original design manufacturer […]

Friday News Analysis: Rumors Around Juniper’s Security Products

Juniper whips out knife, slices off security products Note that this is not official Juniper news from what I can tell. The report comes from the tech equivalent of a gossip rag. Maybe I shouldn’t bring it up. But…it seems all too plausible. Here are several bits from the article I stitched into […]

Friday News Analysis: Cisco on Network Services Headers

Network Services Headers (NSH): Creating a Service Plane for Cloud Networks (Cisco) Cisco has developed Network Services Headers (NSH), a new service chaining protocol that is rapidly gaining acceptance in the industry. Based on lessons learned in earlier versions of vPath, and realizing that NSH would only succeed with broad acceptance from a […]

Friday News Analysis: D-Link for Business Adds New Wireless Controller

D-Link Expands its Unified Wireless Portfolio with New Wireless Controller Supporting up to 256 Access Points D-Link today announced the Unified Wireless Controller (DWC-2000), a new centralized Wireless LAN manager designed specifically for education, hospitality and medium-to-large enterprises. The DWC-2000 can support up to 256 access points per controller, and up to 1,024 […]

Friday News Analysis: Open Networking Foundation, Dave Ward on Open

Open Networking Foundation Extends Conformance Testing to Non-Members “The Open Networking Foundation (ONF), a non-profit organization dedicated to accelerating the adoption of open Software-Defined Networking (SDN), today announced it has extended the ONF OpenFlow™ Conformance Testing Program to include testing for non-ONF members. Companies interested in receiving an OpenFlow Certificate of Conformance for […]

Not Raising Red Flags While Looking For A New Job

A reader wrote to me, explaining that they were unhappy in their current job situation, and queried how they might be able look for a new job without raising any red flags with their existing employer. Tricky, but I have a few thoughts, having done this a time or two over my career. […]

Friday News Analysis: Arkin Net, Pica8, OpenDaylight, Plexxi, Juniper

Arkin Net Rises from Stealth with $7M in funding, to bring Google Search-like Simplicity to Software-Defined Datacenter Operations “Arkin Net is coming out of stealth mode with $7 million in funding, led by Nexus Venture Partners, to revolutionize the Software-Defined Networking (SDN) market – projected to be $8B by 2018. Arkin Net is […]

How Marketers Use Social Media Evilly

In my role as co-founder of Packet Pushers, I do some amount of sales and marketing of the show to sponsors. Our philosophy of sponsorship is very simple. The audience knows when content is sponsored. Period. We don’t hide it. We don’t disguise sponsored content as non-sponsored content in the hope that the […]

What The Juniper Learning Portal Offers For Free

I’ve been working with Juniper SRX firewalls, MX routers, and EX switches for over a year now. I don’t spend a ton of time at the CLI. Mostly, I have some project I need to accomplish, so I do my homework, mock up in a lab what I’m able to, and wing the rest. […]

7-Nov-2014: Press Releases From Meru, Gigamon, Big Switch + Dell

I receive a steady stream of press releases from networking vendors. I don’t have time to cover them all (or even most of them) individually, because there’s only so many hours in the week. Even so, I find many of the releases to contain genuinely interesting news. I thought I’d try echoing the […]

The Importance of Knowing Baselines

When observing network utilization (whether that’s bandwidth or some other element you monitor), you have to know your baseline. The big idea is to understand what’s normal for your network, as every network is a little different. Only when you know your network’s baseline does it become possible to detect anomalies. For example, when […]