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Tech Bytes: Prioritizing and Managing IoT/OT Vulnerabilities with Palo Alto Networks (Sponsored)

Today on the Tech Bytes podcast we discuss vulnerability management for IoT and OTT devices with sponsor Palo Alto Networks. These devices–think video cameras, sensors, medical equipment, industrial control systems, and so on–present unique challenges when it comes to finding, prioritizing, and managing software vulnerabilities. Palo Alto Networks’ machine learning-based solutions offer visibility, risk prioritization,... Read more »

NB487: The BSODs Strike Back; SolarWinds Sorta Dodges SEC Bullets

Take a Network Break! This week we cover the CrowdStrike/Microsoft patch debacle, why SolarWinds isn’t entirely out of trouble following a judge’s dismissal of most–but not all–of an SEC lawsuit, and why an AT&T breach revelation highlights third-party risk. Juniper announces an AI infrastructure testing lab and enhancements to its capabilities to operate AI infrastructure,... Read more »

TL000: Announcing Technically Leadership, a New Podcast for the Next Phase of Your Career

Technically Leadership is a brand new podcast on the Packet Pushers network. Host Laura Santamaria explores leadership in the tech industry, with conversations and insights to help you development your management skills. Whether you’re considering your first management role or you’re an experienced manager working your way to the C-suite, this podcast is for you.... Read more »

PP022: Inside an Equipment Test Lab

Third-party test labs can help buyers make decisions about which products to purchase. While a testing lab can’t mimic the conditions of your specific production environment, it can assess a product’s fundamental capabilities and measure throughput, performance, and–in the case of security devices–effectiveness against a test suite of malware or attack techniques. On today’s episode... Read more »

Tech Bytes: High Performance, Scalable Object Storage with MinIO (Sponsored)

Today on the Tech Bytes podcast we talk with Jonathan Symonds, Chief Marketing Officer at MinIO about MinIO’s object storage offering; a software-defined, Amazon S3-compatible object storage that offers high performance and scale for modern workloads and AI/ML. We discuss how MinIO helps customers across industries drive AI innovation and AI architectures, how object storage... Read more »

PP021: Critical Vulnerabilities, AI-Assisted Scams, Compromised VPNs, and More Security News

It’s an all-news episode for this week’s Packet Protector podcast. We cover critical vulnerabilities in the MOVEit file transfer software and in thousands of ASUS routers, and a remote code execution vulnerability in a Windows wireless driver that you really should patch. We discuss a Wall Street Journal article about how AI tools are helping... Read more »

HS077: Should IT Lead or Follow?

The evolving role of IT in business is the topic of lively discussion between co-hosts Johna Johnson and John Burke.  Johna argues that IT should align with business goals, acting as an executive assistant, while John believes IT should take a proactive leadership role, driving innovation and framing business problems. They explore the challenges IT... Read more »

NB485: A Final FU for Greg

Greg Ferro bids farewell to Network Break, and Drew Conry-Murray and Johna Till Johnson bid farewell to Greg. Of course, the podcast must go on, so we also cover some tech news. First, Nokia acquires optics maker Infinera, Broadcom brings new features to VMware Cloud Foundation (VCF), and campus switch sales drop. A Microsoft subsidiary... Read more »

HS076: Greg’s Finale

This is Greg’s last Heavy Strategy episode before he heads off to retirement. He gives us his final pieces of career and life advice, opinions on private equity, and a Cookie Monster quote. We also briefly introduce John Burke, the new Heavy Strategy co-host. Farewell, Greg. Thank you for all the great debates. Episode Transcript... Read more »

NB484: HPE, Nvidia Cozy Up on AI Infrastructure; Norway Uncovers Rare Earth Elements Motherlode

Take a Network Break! We start with a longish round of FUs, and then dive into news. HPE announces HPE Private Cloud, which includes software, switches, and GPUs from Nvidia for building out infrastructure to support AI workloads. HPE also announced KVM virtualization for HPE Private Cloud. We debate whether Britian’s anti-trust inquiry to the... Read more »

Tech Bytes: Performance, Power Efficiency Drive Dutch IXP Upgrade to Nokia Routers, Silicon (Sponsored)

Today on the Tech Bytes podcast, sponsored by Nokia, we hear from Nokia customer NL-IX. NL-IX is a leading Internet Exchange based in the Netherlands. The organization recently redesigned and upgraded its network. Nokia played a role in that upgrade, including 400 and 800G routers and FP5 silicon. We’re joined by Dirk Kalkman, Chief Network... Read more »
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