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PP014: Good Threat Hunting

Have you ever noticed “threat hunting” in vendor products and wondered exactly what it means? James Williams is here to explain: Threat hunting is the R&D of detection engineering. A threat hunter imagines what an attacker might try and, critically, how that behavior would show up in the logs of a particular environment. Then the... Read more »

KU055: KubeCon EU Review

Kristina attended KubeCon EU in March and she’s still trying to process it all. In today’s episode, Michael interviews her about what stood out most to her. They dive into the conference’s heavy emphasis on AI, particularly how Kubernetes can help with more efficient GPU utilization. Kristina also reports back on the United Nations hackathon... Read more »

NB477: Arista Assembles Switch-Based Microperimeters; FCC Wants More Money for Telcos Dumping Huawei Gear

Take a Network Break! This week we cover a new microsegmentation offering from Arista, new GenAI assistants from Fortinet, and a GenAI firewall from Versa Networks to monitor and report on how organizations are using generative AI tools and applications. AWS will stop selling VMware Cloud on AWS (but you can still get it through... Read more »

Tech Bytes: Real-Time Network Performance Monitoring with NetBeez (Sponsored)

Network monitoring is growing increasingly complicated. Companies are facing more distributed applications and more remote employees. NetBeez, our sponsor today, is here to talk about how they monitor network performance in real time for the campus, WAN, and more. From proactively testing networks after configuration changes to identifying how well a worker’s laptop is connecting... Read more »

IPB150: IPv6 Basics: ICMPv6

As part of our ongoing series on IPv6 basics, today we cover the differences you should be aware of between ICMPv4 and ICMPv6. Internet Control Message Protocol (ICMP) is the protocol that lets you test reachability: Pings, echoes, TCP connections, etc. We explain what you need to know and why you need to know it,... Read more »

NAN062: The Team Behind Nautobot (Part 1)

Today we chat with the maintainers of Nautobot, the open source network source of truth and network automation platform. Jason Edelman, Ken Celenza, John Anderson explain how their day jobs at professional services company, Network to Code, informs their work on Nautobot. They walk us through Nautobot’s core, out-of-the-box capabilities as well as the extensibility... Read more »

Tech Bytes: Using ZTNA for VPN Consolidation, Protecting Dev Access with SSE (Sponsored)

Zero Trust Network Access, or ZTNA, is a core element of a Security Service Edge because it enables secure remote access to on-prem and cloud-based applications. On today’s episode, sponsored by HPE Aruba Networking, we dig into ZTNA from HPE’s perspective and hear customer stories on how it’s being used for third-party access, VPN consolidation,... Read more »
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