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Bill Krause | Zero to a Million Ethernet Ports + The Epiphany

Hosts Brandon and Derick have the honor of interviewing Bill Krause and hearing some fascinating stories about the early days of Silicon Valley, including the origins of HP's first computer division, and how Bill (along with previous podcast guest Bob Metcalfe) took Ethernet from zero to one million ports ahead of their already-ambitious timeline.

Bill is a tech luminary, having served as the CEO and President, and then Board Chairman, of 3Com, growing the business from a VC-backed startup to a publicly traded $1B company with global operations. Prior to 3Com, Bill was the GM of HP's first personal computer division, and grew that business exponentially as well.  He's currently a board partner with Andreessen Horowitz as well as Chairman of the Board at Veritas, and he also serves on the boards of CommScope, SmartCar, and Forward Networks.  Bill is a noted philanthropist; he and his wife Gay Krause have funded many national and local programs focusing on education, leadership, and ethics. 

Tune in and join us to hear Bill's amazing stories, his lessons learned, and his profound advice to young entrepreneurs.