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Ansible Security Automation is our answer to the lack of integration across the IT industry



In 2019, CISOs struggle more than ever to contain and counter cyberattacks despite an apparently flourishing IT security market and hundreds of millions of dollars in venture capital fueling yearly waves of new startups. Why?

If you review the IT security landscape today, you’ll find it crowded with startups and mainstream vendors offering solutions against cybersecurity threats that have fundamentally remained unchanged for the last two decades. Yes, a small minority of those solutions focus on protecting new infrastructures and platforms (like container-based ones) and new application architecture (like serverless computing), but for the most part, the threats and attack methods against these targets have remained largely the same as in the past.

This crowded market, propelled by increasing venture capital investments, is challenging to assess, and can make it difficult for a CISO to identify and select the best possible solution to protect an enterprise IT environment. On top of this, none of the solutions on the market solve all security problems, and so the average security portfolio of a large end user organization can often comprise of dozens of products, sometimes up to 50 different vendors and overlap in multiple areas.

Despite the choices, and more than Continue reading