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Developer Channel at AnsibleFest 2020

As a developer, have you ever made a change that takes down an entire Kubernetes production cluster, requiring you to rebuild all YAML and automation scripts to get production back up?  Have you ever wanted to create reproducible, self-contained environments that can be run locally or in production? Welcome to the new AnsibleFest Developer Channel! Here you can learn how Ansible is critical to the journey of the developer as an open-source software configuration management, provisioning and application-deployment tool that enables infrastructure as code.  


Ansible Developer Channel

Many themes will be presented in the Ansible Developer Channel, including Kubernetes operations, Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform use cases, as well as execution speed and development efficiency considerations. You can learn how Ansible can streamline Kubernetes Day 2 Operations, where monitoring, maintenance and troubleshooting come into play and the application moves from a development project to an actual strategic advantage for your business. You will also learn how Ansible execution environments solve problems for developers using Ansible Automation Platform and how to create self-contained environments that can be run locally or in production Red Hat Ansible Tower deployments. In addition, you can learn how to optimize execution speed and Continue reading