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What Scary Movies Can Teach Us About Internet Trust

Mad geniuses. Evil dolls. Slow zombies. This Halloween, we’ll see all of these horror film clichés come to life. Sure they’re fun, but are there lessons we can learn from them? What if they could teach us what not to do? We looked at seven scary tropes and what they might teach us about Internet trust.

The call is coming from inside the house.

The phone calls keep coming, each one scarier than the last. Ring. “Are you home alone?” Ring. “Have you locked the doors?” Ring. “Look in the basement.” It’s only then you realize the stalker has been in the house all along.

We lock our doors to make our homes more secure, but we don’t always think about the security of the things we connect to our home networks. An insecure connected device can put your whole network and the devices on it at risk. Meaning, yes, the cybersecurity threat could be coming from inside the house. By protecting your home network, you limit your devices’ exposure to online threats and help mitigate the risk they may pose to others. You can make your network more secure by using encryption, a strong password, and Continue reading