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Bringing Order to the Cloud: Day 2 Operations in AWS with Ansible

Cloud environments do not lend themselves to manual management or interference, and only thrive in well-automated environments. Many cloud environments are created and deployed from a known definition/template, but what do you do on day 2? In this blog post, we will cover some of the top day 2 operations use cases available through our Red Hat Certified Ansible Content Collection for AWS (requires a Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform subscription) or from Ansible Galaxy (community supported).


Let’s manage some clouds!

No matter the road that led you to managing a cloud environment, you’ll likely have run into the ever-scaling challenge of maintaining cloud-based services over time. Cloud environments do not operate the same ways the old datacenter-based infrastructures did. Coupled with the ease of access for just about anyone to deploy services, you’ll have a potential recipe for years of unlimited maintenance headaches.

The good news is that there is one way to bring order to all the cloud-based chaos: Ansible. In this blog post we will explore common day 2 operations use cases for Amazon Web Services using the Ansible Certified Content Collection. For more information on how to use Ansible Content Collections, check out Continue reading