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How to use Google Now cards: 7 tips for managing what they show you, when and why

Google Now and its “cards”—those bite-sized alerts, reminders, and personalized recommendations—are so prescient, they’re positively spooky. One such card might tell you that today’s the birthday of a close friend, while another might point out a news article that it somehow knew you’d want to click.Google Now cards may also alert you to traffic jams on the way home, thunderstorms in tomorrow’s forecast, that dinner rezzie you made for Friday, a thrilling victory by your favorite baseball team, or a hot new bistro in your neck of the woods.ALSO ON NETWORK WORLD: Google Graveyard: Here's what Google has killed So, what’s going on here? Is Google Now reading our minds or something? Can these Google Now cards be controlled—or stopped?To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here