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Automating Security with CyberArk and Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform

Proper privilege management is crucial with automation. Automation has the power to perform multiple functions across many different systems. When automation is deployed enterprise-wide, across sometimes siloed teams and functions, enterprise credential management can simplify adoption of automation — even complex authentication processes can be integrated into the setup seamlessly, while adding additional security in managing and handling those credentials.

Depending on how users have defined them, users can craft Ansible Playbooks that require access to credentials and secrets that have wide access to organizational systems. These are necessary to systems and IT resources to accomplish their automation tasks, but they’re also a very attractive target for bad actors. In particular, they are tempting targets for advanced persistent threat (APT) intruders. Gaining access to these credentials could give the attacker the keys to the entire organization.

Most breaches involve stolen credentials, and APT intruders prefer to leverage privileged accounts like administrators, service accounts with domain privileges, and even local admin or privileged user accounts.

You’re probably familiar with the traditional attack flow: compromise an environment, escalate privilege, move laterally, continue to escalate, then own and exfiltrate. It works, but it also requires a lot of work and a lot of Continue reading