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Empowering Windows Deployment Pipelines with Ansible Tower

We love stories about how Ansible Tower has solved problems and made work easier. When we heard that CareerBuilder was using Tower in a Windows environment, we had to know more. Special thanks to Cody Rucks from CareerBuilder for sharing his story about Ansible Tower.


At CareerBuilder we are focused on building out a full stack solution that will allow developers to continuously deploy their applications. Not only do we want them to be able to deploy quickly, but we want consistency and automation throughout the entire process. Ansible Tower has become a huge part of our final end solution. In this post we will discuss how we are using Ansible Tower to connect our various products and steps and truly be able to deploy applications in the cloud utilizing DevOps methodologies.

Why Ansible Tower?

In November 2015, our team set out to find the best solution for our needs. We tested several different products and vendors ranging from the most buzz-worthy to the most obscure and ended up selecting Ansible Tower at the end. Ansible Tower seemed to provide all the things that we needed it to do. They key takeaways we had that made us select Ansible Continue reading